Cybersecurity experts who were first to conclude that Putin hacked presidential election ABANDON some of their claims against Russia – and refuse to co-operate with Congress

It was an explosive conclusion which cast a pall over the entire election: that the Kremlin was behind a hack of the Democratic National Committee which resulted in its embarrassing secrets being published.

First made in June 2016, it has overshadowed the election, transition and now presidency of Donald Trump.

And the FBI, CIA, NSA and 12 other intelligence agencies published an unprecedented joint report saying the Vladimir Putin ordered a hacking campaign to tip the election against Hillary Clinton.

But now the first expert company to make a link between the DNC hacks and the Kremlin is facing a damaging series of questions over its credibility, can disclose.

h/t Hammer

  • terrence22

    I thought it was crap the first time I heard about it – as did a number of other people and writers. But, the Slime stream Media bought it hook, line and sinker.

    • DVult

      It never had any more credibility than global warming.

      • Nancy

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  • Carlo

    I am waiting for the rats to start jumping the sinking corrupt Obama ship.

  • Gary

    God Bless democrat Adam Schiff for demanding that he get to the bottom of this hacking.

    They finally got down near the bottom and reached the Slugs where the first one they turned over had Susan Rice and Obama .
    Thank you Adam Schiff….. these traitors and criminals under Obama will be going to jail .