There is no odor so bad as that which arises from goodness tainted. — Henry David Thoreau

“Do you think religion inherently good?” This was a rhetorical question posed to the class when I was a student at Queen’s University in 1986. The class was in a course in the history of Christianity. The question was posed by Professor William P. Zion who was on the faculty of the department of religious studies and the Queen’s Theological College. He was also a Russian Orthodox Priest, Father Basil. We were young students who never stopped to think about this. Professor Zion answered the question for us, telling us, “no, religion is not inherently good.” He cited the fact that historically Christians gathered to watch people burned at the stake as a witness to their faith. Professor Zion had a bit of fun with the class in posing this question, but what made me recall this memory is the fact that the majority of humanity practices some kind of religion. I appreciate and understand the appeal of religion for people. I was a pious Roman Catholic myself for several years. Interestingly, it was Father Basil who supported and encouraged me to accept my gayness and continue practicing my faith. I concur with Professor Zion in that I do not think religion is inherently good. This puts me in a bind at times as I interact with people of various faiths, who view their faith as inherently good, right and desirable, both personally and informally in my daily life.

  • stubb

    I tend to believe that religion is inherently good because it has been practiced by virtually all cultures at all times and, therefore, the practice of religion almost certainly has to be an expression of genetic fitness. Any activity or characteristic that improves survival rates is good by definition, at least in a traditional biological sense. Religion also makes people feel better and helps them ease their problems. All human activities can be problematic, so past abuses like stake burning in Christianity aren’t a deal breaker for me. Islam, OTOH, is still burning, slashing, and blowing up people every day of the week all over the planet. I don’t consider Islam to be a religion anyway.

    • Shebel

      Neither do I ..
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  • Shebel

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