The Star wants you to feel sorry for a Muslim with a Canadian passport imprisoned in Algeria on terror charges

MUSCAT, OMAN—Abderrahmane Ghanem’s family say they tried to do everything right, as Canadians, as concerned relatives, sometimes even going beyond expectations, mindful of the fact that Muslims and dual citizens are often regarded with greater suspicion these days.

So when Canada’s police and spy services began investigating Ghanem and his friends six years ago, his parents and siblings agreed to talk with agents from the RCMP and CSIS. Repeatedly. And Ghanem, known to family and friends as “Abdu,” did as well.

They believed Ghanem had nothing to hide, even as his friends from Calgary began to leave one by one for Syria to join extremist groups, including the Al Qaeda affiliate al-Nusra.

But then suddenly last year, Ghanem, 30, an Algerian-born Canadian citizen, was imprisoned and charged — not in Canada, but in Algeria — with belonging to a terrorist group.

All his Jihadi friends are dead, killed fighting for the death cult, gee I’m so sad.