The Left’s Transracial Monster

Dr. Frankenstein had nothing on leftists. Frankenstein’s monster merely terrorized the countryside. The monsters birthed by the left tend to terrorize countries, cultures, and occasionally even the entire world. And like Dr. Frankenstein’s hulking brute, the left’s monstrosities eventually turn on their creators. Take communism, for example. The only thing communists love more than killing innocent people is purging those within their own ranks. One of the left’s most recent hellspawns, the Muslim “refugee” tidal wave, is wreaking havoc throughout Europe, menacing women, gays, and Jews—three of the left’s most sacred “victim groups.” That horror show is going to get a lot worse before it gets any better (if it gets any better). And the malformed beast known as Black Lives Matter has done little except encourage cops to stop policing black neighborhoods, leaving residents at the mercy of the “black-on-black crime” that MSNBC swears doesn’t exist.