That’s it. I am done. I live in Canada, in a country that is described as tolerant, inclusive, accommodating, diverse. Unless you are a Jew.

  • ontario john

    Meanwhile our little prince is on another selfie tour. This time he in New York again to speak about feminist issues to the muslims at the UN. For a guy who is so worried about the environment, he sure pumps a lot of aircraft fumes into the air. And he meeting with the CEO of Youtube. I guess he wants better quality images of himself. I’m sure the media who worship the ground he walks on, will fill us in tonight how wonderful he is.

    • Will he mention how he thought that parkas were rape-repellents?

  • jt

    The left is going to be really tested this Easter if they come out and say no Easter events are allowed in public schools while they put there fully support behind pray rooms there will be a revolt.

  • Tooth&Claw

    I want JT to suck on a canister of CO2 as an act of solidarity with preserving the environment. Carbon sequester that JT.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      I actually tried that once.
      You know those CO2 tanks they use on soda fountains?
      I was curious.
      Apparently the CO2 turns into carbonic acid on your mucous membranes.
      It hurts.

      • Tooth&Claw

        I’ll settle for plain CO then.

  • H

    Canada is on the same road as Sweden and Germany travel, and will arrive at the same violent and unfree destination, complete with all the sharia trappings. My only hope now is that due to our usual incompetence and inefficiency, it will take some time getting there, and will not occur in my own lifetime. But that is where this country will end up, no doubt. And then, as Elrond says in the LOTR, “Night will come.”

  • What were people expecting when Trudeau visited mosques and when Dion declared Canada to no longer be Israel’s friend?

    A Nazi, just like dad.