No Goosestepping Outside The Lines! Hitler Colouring Book Removed After Complaints

A Dutch retailer has been forced to apologise after it unwittingly sold a colour-by-numbers book featuring Adolf Hitler.

The dictator was pictured making a Nazi salute and wearing a Swastika armband.

Kruidvat, the Dutch drugstore chain stocking it, said they “deeply regretted the incident” and immediately withdrew the product.

The book was produced in India and it is remains unclear why Hitler was included.

  • Etobicoke_Gladiator

    Oy vay! Or, should I write Sieg Heil?

    Seriously, though, it’s a colouring book!!! Are there also opportunities to draw Stalin, Castro, Mao, and other leaders?

    What’s next folks, a horrific colour by number rendition of President Trump? Oh, my, the horror!!!

    As a free speech absolutist, I find this rather funny.

    But the connection that it was manufactured in India… hmm… an Indian Hitler loving muzzie, by any chance?

    • Shebel

      It was maddening but also funny.
      They are tossing a bone .
      I am pretty sure that it was the Germans breathing their last gasps of air.

  • shasta

    “unclear why Hitler was included”

    Because some smart ass in India knew that it would get some dumb ass European’s knickers in a twist.

    • Etobicoke_Gladiator

      Knickers or Lederhosen? ūüėČ

      • Shebel

        Panties–is the nicest word of All.

  • gaylord ponce

    Where can I get one? I want it as a gift for my grandkids.