Islamists ain’t Islamic?

All is clear to me now. Islamists are faithful to Islamic scripture in its entirety, whereas the good Muslims pick and choose. The latter group follow an expurgated version of their scripture, so all we need now is for them to identify which parts they embrace and which parts they disavow

If you look you will find that numbers of Conservative MPs in England hide their school. This is pure speculation on my part, but I imagine that they’ve either gone to a posh public school and want to hide that from the common folk; or they’ve gone to a local comprehensive and want to hide that from their colleagues and sundry VIPs.

Who cares, I suppose? But I was looking up Conservative MP Michael Tomlinson. He’d asked a particularly stupid question of Theresa May and I wondered, naturally, whether he’d been educated at Eton.

I have the view that public schoolboys have been largely responsible for selling England’s (Britain’s if you really insist) cultural heritage down the river to satisfy their moral vanity. I could be wrong about that. I might have a chip on my shoulder, having been dragged up in a working-class school for budding deplorables in the North West of England.