Isis executes 33 people in largest mass killing since 2016

Isis has carried out its largest mass killing this year, executing 33 people, according to a monitoring group.

The terror group carried out mass execution in the al-Mayadin desert, near the strategic city of Deir Ezzor, the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported.

It said its activists were “able to monitor the execution and see the bodies.”

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ISIS, Assad, is there really a difference?

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Re: ISIS vs. Asad
    “…people get the government they deserve.”

    • Clink9

      I might toss a few bucks in for an online fundraiser to buy a couple of MOABs.

  • Gary

    I’m wondering if Toronto’s Imam Rockwell has changed his position from when he said he supported ISIS because they were fighting for Sharia and the Global caliphate.

    Here’s a brief quote from Rockwell when he was on the John Oakley Show at 640 AM radio.

    **** “If Sharia Law Becomes the Order of the Day, Canada Will Be Truly Blessed” ***

    Those exact words just came out of the mouth of Imam Steve Rockwell on AM640. The imam was arguing in favour of “multiculturalism”

    ***** During a debate with Ezra Levant , Ezra favoured free speech( Mo cartoons) for which Rockwell responded with this THREAT and Omen. ******

    ——-“If he( Ezra) wants freedom of speech why doesn’t he go up to a black man and use the N-word?” asked an angry Rockwell who found Levant’s actions disrespectful. “There is no absolute free speech. With freedom of speech there are rules.”
    And Rockwell, who hosts The Call of the Minaret on Vision TV — and will appear Wednesday with Florida Koran-burning Pastor Terry Jones on the John Oakley Show on AM 640 Wednesday — said there are “consequences” for breaking them.———-

    Did you read that …….Rockwell confirmed that the Quran allows for Revenge Jihad attacks if muslims feel islam or Muhammad is being attacked.
    The head of the Toronto -18 muslim terrorists told the truth during his trial that he wanted to punish Canada because Jean Chretien sent troops to Afghanistan that were killing his Muslim Brothers in the Taliban.
    Chief Blair failed to tell the media that the Brains behind Truck-bomb plot to slaughter 5000+ people in Toronto was an Afghan refugee we took in because he said he wanted to live in Peace. The CBC also covered for Chretien and didn’t report why the terrorist were going Jihad.
    Since Blair is now a pro-sharia Liberal MP under Justin … now makes sense for why he said the muslim terrorists had NOTHING to do with islam or being Muslims.

    We’re screwed because Liberals and the NDP are aiding the terrorists in Canada by excusing away every Jihad slaughter on top to the denial over the jew-hating Mosques filled with jew-hating followers of islam .

  • Clink9

    ISIS. Or as the “news” reader on Toronto’s Global called it this morning, ” the so called islamic state “

  • Everyone Else

    “ISIS, Assad, is there really a difference?”

    Yes, Assad ran an inclusive country for decades in which minorities were protected. ISIS kills minorities.

  • … that we know of.

  • Shebel

    AIDS and the Mid-East are just business.
    They can now control AIDS with lots of MONEY. They will Never cure it.

    We are supposed to believe that ALL these armies ,from ALL these Counties just cain’t defeat these pathetically few Radical Muslims .
    They Never intend to win. Just keep the war going. This is where the MONEY is.

    No wonder ISIS is able to recruit so many people..

  • Barrington Minge

    Plus ca change! Mooslim killing mooslim ad nausiam. The more they continue to off each other the better it is for everybody else.