Germany devours book on Angela Merkel decision to open borders

As Angela Merkel gears up for her third re-election later this year, observers could be forgiven for assuming that the issue which has come to dominate Germany’s image abroad will only play a minor role in the campaign.

A year and a half after the German chancellor and her Austrian counterpart opened borders to thousands of refugees in September 2015, the anti-migrant party Alternative für Deutschland has dropped in the polls to pre-crisis levels.

At last month’s regional elections in Saarland, a state that had voluntarily taken in a larger share of asylum seekers than required, the refugee issue barely registered.

But two books published this spring suggest that Germans are still hungry for answers to what exactly happened in the autumn of 2015.

  • K1

    ….suggestive of POISON
    If you lose a debate = use POISON….works like a charm
    Sell out your tribe=guillotine

    • Waffle

      Under-eye baggage is also suggestive of a heart and or a kidney condition.

      • K1

        both which you get from poison …

        Heart and Kidney trouble have CAUSES

        • Waffle

          So, enlighten me. What kind of poison are you referring to? Poison is a vague term as in “one man’s meat is another man’s poison”. I happen to have heart disease and I take rat poison (Warfarin) every day to ensure that I don;t form clots and have a stroke. Yes, heart problems do have causes, like getting addicted to cigarettes.

          • K1

            poison is something with heavy metal in it. Pesticides are something that can be slipped into someones drink or food etc …. Arsenic, Zinc, lead, cobalt, cadmium all ingested will create organ break down

  • Spatchcocked

    It’s chillingly fascinating witnessing a civilization destroy itself. How a bird hypnotized by a snake must feel……impotent with a terrible foreboding.

  • El Martyachi

    I can’t be the only one who forgets she’s actually a “conservative” in Germany.

    • Solo712

      Merkel is a fiscal conservative and she does not favour ‘gay marriage’ (she argues for registered partnerships).

  • jayme

    So Germans don’t care what is happening to them – they really don’t (shaking head in stunned fascination).

    I suspect, however, that they might care when, eventually, these wonderful newcomers refuse to pay for the German Welfare State and their aged infidel neighbours’ retirements and healthcare, and when the economic engine of Germany slows and declines drastically under its new and improved populace. Perhaps they’ll care then, perhaps, but there won’t be an AfD or anyone who could conceivably save them at that point.

    • Solo712

      Most Germans have it good and feel comfortable at the helm of the EU. The migrants may be a nuisance, but not enough of a nuisance to create a desire for a momentous change. The economy still grows at about 2%, with the migrant tsunami barely registering on the GDP. There is a rust-belt; the whole of former East Germany continues to be an economic basket case but unlike the US this one is heavily subsidized from the West of Germany. The social safety net is solid; there is no bitching over social security or national health (both of which were pioneered by Germany before WWI, btw). So, the incentive to change things is not there, except for those Germans who are proud of their national culture and worried about losing the traditional German ways. But politically, the anti-migrant movements have no real weight as Wilders’ PVV has in Netherlands or Le Pen’s Front National in France. In fact the AfD, like Pegida before it, is turning into a disaster having lost over a third of its support in less than eight months.

      • H

        They don’t seem to have had the same degree of violence, the Paris, Marseille and Malmo level, burning cars, grenades and the like. Not yet anyway. Perhaps due to their sheer size? And I guess the number of no-go zones is relatively low compared to France and Sweden. Also, their media seem to be doing an exemplary job of restricting access to information and of obscuring the seriousness of the situation. And their restrictions on free speech seem about the best in Europe (from a despot’s standpoint, that is).

        But still, they suffer from the same progressive Islamic disease as those other European nations; therefore, as the percentage of their enrichers increases, they are bound to exhibit the same symptoms of violence and lawlessness.

        • Solo712

          I agree that there is a huge stupidity and recklessness in what Merkel has done and that the effect will hit Germany with full force later. I am simply saying that Germans are well off – better off than Americans if you count in the social benefits – for them to want to change their political system. Give it three, four years – then you will see some real problems.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        Could one of the reasons their social safety net is solid is that they shirk their obligations to NATO?

        • Solo712

          Germany “owes” to NATO – spends 1.2% below the required 2.0% of GDP. Social services – public and private – account for 25% of GDP, so one would conclude that that social spending has benefitted little from the country’s debt to NATO.

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            That’s not true that Germany spends 1.2 percent less than two percent of GDP on NATO.
            That would mean they are spending 1.976 percent of GDP.
            The truth is that Germany spends 1.2 percent of GDP on NATO.
            That is forty percent less than their obligation of two percent.

  • TruthSerum

    Why? Merkel wants to prove to the committee (& Soros) they were right in awarding her the 2010 Coudenhove-Kalergi Prize.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    The old blister looks ill…

  • just_one_Sewer Rat_guy

    I still can’t believe she has a good chance of winning again. It will be sad watching Germany implode, and become another 3rd world muslim country, where women are told by women’s groups and the government that they need to submit to “men” stuck in 5th century mentality, accept beatings and rape as normal. I never thought that in my lifetime that I would witness something like the fall of the Roman Empire, transpire right before our eyes.