Explosive device disarmed in St. Petersburg apartment building

“An explosive device has been located and disarmed,” Konstantin Serov, head of the administration of the district where the device was located, told TASS.

Earlier Russian media reported that a nine-story residential building in St. Petersburg had been evacuated after a suspicious object was found in one of the apartments.

Local residents told Fontanka.ru news portal that people from Central Asia were renting the apartment where the police made their search.

  • Gary

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  • tom_billesley

    More in St. Petersburg:
    Explosion in St Petersburg hours after cache of explosives found in city

    A vehicle was damaged in the blast but no civilians were hurt.
    The blast happened after a seperate stash of explosives were found in a nearby building.
    News agency RIA said, the explosives found resembled and unexploded device in the city’s metro after 14 people were killed on Monday.

    A security source told Reuters: “Explosives were in a similar amount that was used at Vosstaniya (metro station).”
    The discovery raises the possibility a string of bomb attacks was being planned in the city involving a group of plotters.
    Security officials found the first explosives when they raided an apartment building in the city.

    Witnesses said several people were detained.
    It is not clear if the arrested people were working with suspected Metro bomber Akbarzhon Jalilov.