Wayne State mulling revoking tenure for no-show profs

From Kim Koslowski at Detroit News:

Detroit — In a move rarely seen in academia, Wayne State University is trying to fire multiple faculty members depicted as abusing their tenure by doing as little work as possible.

Hearings to revoke tenure start Wednesday for the first of five WSU medical school professors who allegedly are performing poorly in research, scholarship or teaching. Another five professors, including some outside the 996 faculty members in the medical school, also may face dismissal proceedings, university officials said. More.

Reality check: Profs who are held to no standards of service can spend all their time harassing students and other profs in support of the junior jackboots. It would take little time to change the name of many U’s to something like “We’ll Fix U.” And we are all happy to help fund that, right?

Here’s a resolution denouncing “campus illiberalism” and calling for “truth seeking, democracy and freedom of thought and expression.” More than 2,500 scholars and other intellectuals have signed it.

If your local profs won’t sign it, drop courses, cancel donations, and recommend a university where most profs have signed it. It would be easier to fix what ails that university than to fight the battle for intellectual freedom with those who are indifferent to its attractions.

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  • simus1

    Could such demented profs “with tenure” have some very damning proof securely stored away to ensure “their continued paid vacations for the rest of their lives” life styles are never interrupted ?

  • disqusW6sf

    “During the meeting, Sobel highlighted many contributions the professor made in his career, but then noted the lack of grants and publications in recent years, according to the letter. The professor protested that he had been moved to a lab with inadequate equipment to perform significant research, and the administration was aware of the situation.”

    Lack of grants/funds = lack of publication. Perhaps that is the goal of Univ of Toronto and National Research Council of Canada with respect to Professor J. Peterson…..?