Want to see the future of Canada’s Liberal Party?

This is what happens when you cultivate the Muslim vote.

A full expulsion of Red Ken Livingstone would have opened a can of worms for Labour as they have sold their soul to Islam.

  • UCSPanther

    When your most staunch party loyalists are asking “WTF is this?! The Labor Party or the Nazi Party?”, you know you have a very serious problem with antisemites infesting your ranks.

    The old Reform Party of Canada had the same problem start, but they nipped it in the bud by expelling the troublemakers in their ranks (Which included Neo-nazi criminal Wolfgang Droege). Good luck getting Corbyn to follow in Preston Manning’s footsteps in that regard, and it may be too late for British Labor already…

    • I believe it is, they rely heavily on the muslim vote.

  • Waffle

    Remember this?

    (scene from movie, Exodus, when Palestine was under British Mandate)


    • That was a good movie.

      When will British anti-semitism see its last days?!