The American Association for the Advancement of Science gets EPA slush funding

From Ethan Barton at Daily Caller:

Six nonprofit groups that criticized President Donald Trump’s proposed budget cuts failed to mention the nearly $179 million in Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) grants they’ve received since 2009, according to a Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group (TheDCNF) analysis of federal spending data.

American Association For The Advancement Of Science got $18,472,552.


Reality check:  Well, at least they were out marchin’ marchin’ for a purpose after all.

They might be right about the evils of budget cuts but, no matter, it is bound to seem like Harmageddon to AAAS:

Trump plan for 40% cut could cause EPA science office ‘to implode,’ official warns


A grim budget day for U.S. science: analysis and reaction to Trump’s plan

Is Trump cutting muscle or fat? Let’s see what happens in the next five years. Organizations whose virtue has been bankrolled forever have every incentive to cut the muscle and then scream for the taxpayer to come and rescue the fat.

Channel Armageddon.

See also: But PNAS: You are in the Marchers’ gunsights too… They don’t so much care what the reality is as they want to police your and my interpretation of it. You can have them or science. And they are forcing you to choose.

  • The Butterfly

    Most “scientists” are just fancy welfare bums.

    • WalterBannon

      Most ENVIRONMENTAL & CLIMATE “scientists”

      There are lots of real scientists doing pure science in chem and physics that will be the building blocks for some future big leap forward in technology.

  • ontario john

    And more good news for fake scientists. The media is excited that award wining communist Naomi Klein is going to publish a book this summer on Donald Trump. Maybe she will have a chapter on the great success of her favorite country, Venezuala.

    • Maggat

      Venezuela, beautiful Venezuela, to late to drain their swamp. They will go down the tube, pity.
      Trump has to get going on the swamp in America or in 15 – 20 years they’ll be looking at a mirror image of Venezuela

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Science in America would grind to a halt without the government funding such a group!
    Trump needs to defund these creeps and leaches.