More than 100 TTC workers fired or resign over alleged benefits fraud

TORONTO – The Toronto Transit Commission says more than 100 of its employees have been dismissed or have resigned over benefits claims irregularities.

Toronto police laid criminal charges in July 2015 against the owner of Healthy Fit, a health care products and service provider that TTC employees frequented

Nice work if you can get it….

  • Shebel

    These are the same people that would support new taxes that hurt the POOR.
    They are called Liberals.

    • Uncommunist

      Damn. Coup de gras right there.

  • Jaedo Drax

    What’s missing is how many of those are fighting to regain their jobs via the union, and how many will retain their pensions and benefits when they take retirement.

  • Gary

    If it’s anything like a friend that got let go for Theft from the cash boxes….. they were allowed to quit with a good Work History record and NOT pay back a cent that they stole .
    The union protected that Member that was transferred to the Subway job as an Operator where in 1995 he attempted Transitcide to ram the train into the cars that were stopped a DuPont station .
    He got about 3 passengers killed and dozens of huge lawsuits by the injured.
    Nobody got fired even though the Night Crew for Maintenance admitted that they never checked the safety switches for over 16 years which failed every time the Operator ran a Red Light in the tunnel that allowed him to kill those passengers.

    The Union blamed management for being too tough and causing apathy while the managers blamed the Union from the fear of a strike for enforcing the rules.
    The operator lived and was painted s the victim.
    New rules were brought in for safety but as we saw in about 2008, another death in the subway was caused by Union members that chose to disobey the new rules .
    On a Monday morning before the Yonge Line opened , a loose cable hung down in the tunnel and was never secured by the night crews…. this cable managed to snag on a Work Train Safety-Cage that wasn’t clamped down because these workers ignored the new rule as those deaths.
    Next , the workers allowed a new employee to operate a subway car which started the tragedy in motion.
    The work train cage was snagged by the thick electrical cable and lifted it off the car , it swung out to block the track of the South bound train where it crashed into it and the operator was crushed and left bleeding to death and co-workers fled the scene up to street level .
    Nobody lost their job . The Government’s Labour Ministry white-washed the whole thing and tried to make the Victim out to be a pot-head that caused his death by not watching the tunnel to stop in time.
    Toronto’s Police chief didn’t lay Charges and stood back so the Labour Ministry could drag out the case for the 1 year time limit to lapse so Blair didn’t have charge a TTC union member with manslaughter.

    CUPE has a benefits fraud case for Toronto, but don’t expect John Tory to get tough or for the Union to let any worker get fired.
    When CUPE members rob the taxpayers, it’s not really money because that taxpayers are funding the theft and it’s just adding the debt for Toronto which is just numbers on paper .

    Imagine a job where you can get customers killed and still keep the job and not get charged for the crime.
    The TTC, the better way get away with murder.

    • Shebel

      Jesus-…Gary, just even knowing this would drive me crazy.
      You are not worried about posting that stuff here ? You should be careful.
      Some bored people actually read here.

      • Gary

        I challenged the narrative by Brad Ross and he went nuts over it. I was off work that week and when Bob Kinnear heard of the Union member being killed in the tunnel , he was quoted in the CTV report and Toronto Sun that this was managements fault for ignoring out concerns about work safety and this may cause a strike,
        That was about 1:00 pm Monday. But as the truth came out that ATU members caused the death and accident by the failed safety rules I mentioned…… by Tuesday afternoon I heard Kinnear calling it a tragic event which David Miller, Joe Mehevic and Adam Giambrone started do as they rushed to the media to change the narrative.
        Police Chief Blair said he’d wait for the MOL to do their investigation while Dalton McGuinty also wanted the MOL report .
        It was 50 weeks later where the MOL report came out and blamed the Operator by smearing him because traces of pot were found in his blood as it would be for Trudeau’s blood.
        With 2 weeks left before the Limit for charges was to lapse , I watch for Chief Blame to announce to the media the Charges…but nothing.
        With less than a week left i saw how the Mayor was out of Canada and the TTC Union seemed to cause a distraction for the media over the Surface Route operator being assaulted and how it might cause a strike.
        Giambrone and Mehevic focused on the TTC strike threat which filled News because the public was in panic mode. Miller returns to Toronto on a Sunday night but there is now only 2 days left to lay Charges .
        The Mayor acts like the White Night that rushed in to rescue Toronto from a transit strike and it’s all solved by Monday.
        But on Tuesday i didn’t see Blair lay Charges and as the clock hit 12:01 am the TTC employees got away with manslaughter.

        What burned me that the victims little girl was going to grow up and read how he daddy was a pot head loser where the drugs got him killed.
        I contacted Rob Ford about a TTC death where I didn’t see an y news items about charges. He told me he’d forward my question to the TTC.
        Brad Ross responded and had agreed with me about this death and that he would look into it because everyone must be subject to the laws even when on TTC property.
        I didn’t have details because i wanted him to agree with my view of the crime. So now he wanted more information for which I detailed the Bob Kinnear statements on the Monday of the crash , then his comments on the Tuesday Night and how the TTC employees failed to obey the new safety rules after the 1995 death from maintenance and caused that Operators death and it was NOT him smoking pot at home.
        Brad Ross got verbally abusive to mock me and then said that the issue was dealt with and the Ministry Of labour fined the TTC $225,000.00 for unsafe work conditions.

        Say what…..McGunty gives tax dollars to the TTC as does the City…. the TTC ATU members get a co-worker injured and they flee the scene to leave him to bleed to death in a crushed Operator booth.
        The MOL report shows traces of Pot in the blood of the victim for which the TTC gets fined about $225,000.00 from the funding they get from the same Liberal Government and that’s it….case closed??????

        If Brad Ross had just calmly told me that there is a process for injuries or death on TTC property and another process for the Subway which fall under the Railway Act where all the processes were complete and a Fine was the result……….I would have accepted that. But he got defensive and THAT smelled like a conspiracy by the Chief Blair, Bob Kinnear , David Miller , TTC management , Ontario Liberals and the MOL staff that were bent on the Investigation being bias to blame the victim as to avoid a Transit crisis.

        The Charter Of Rights for security of Person doesn’t seem to apply in the Subway system for manslaughter when an Employee gets a passenger killed or even a co-worker.
        The public isn’t being told that their life is only worth $225,000.00 according to the MOL but your relative doesn’t get the money if your killed in the subway over a failed safety protocol by an employee.

        Even if I’m nuts and paranoid…….that doesn’t change the fact that the MOL dragged out the Investigation and report for 11 months and 1 week where there would be just 3 weeks for TTC employees that were complicit to be Charged by the Police.
        Chief Blair is now a pro-sharia Liberal MP under Trudeau …….please don’t try to tell me that he was loyal to enforcing Canada’s laws and not doing what is PC to advance in Politics because he also had a Press Meeting over the Toronto-18 muslim terrorists where he said that the terrorist plot had Nothing to do with muslims or islam .