Letting freedom fade

Surrendering liberty has become the Western response to Islamist threats

Whatever happened to Charlie Hebdo? For years, the French satirical magazine threw spit balls at polite society. Its writers and cartoonists particularly delighted in ridiculing religions and pieties. Some people found that amusing and thought-provoking. Others were appalled and offended. Such is life in a free country.

Then on Jan. 7, 2015, two French Muslims of Algerian descent broke into Charlie Hebdo’s offices firing automatic weapons and shouting “Allahu akbar!” They killed 12 people including the editor-in-chief. As they left, they proclaimed: “We have avenged the Prophet Muhammad!” Their broader message: Under Islamic law (as interpreted by them), insulting or even parodying Islam is forbidden. That law applies not just to Muslims in Islamic states but to everyone everywhere. Those who violate it are to be executed.

  • Would you wear a T-shirt with a Mohammad cartoon printed on it?

    You might in Montana. Don’t try it in Mecca.


    Because, Islam trains a small number of its most devout believers it’s OK to kill. And Islamic killers have been trained to kill anyone who insults Allah and/or Mohammad.

    In Montana you’d have a good chance none of these Islamic killers would see you.

    In Mecca you wouldn’t last five minutes. One of Islam’s killers would come from out of nowhere and kill you. It is that simple.

    You don’t believe me? Ask any Muslim!

    Read the rest at: http://islamsfatalflaw.blogspot.com/

    • WalterBannon

      Islam trains all of its believers it’s OK to kill.

  • mauser 98
  • David Murrell

    Good essay by Cliffwood May. For those critical of the political-moderate response to the Hebdo attack — “Je suis Charlie” — think of the Globe and Mail’s left-wing repose in the editorial, “We are not Charlie Hebdo”. Their obnoxious editorial forshadowed Bill M-103.

    • Etobicoke_Gladiator

      Excellent point, David. Why is it so much of the mainstream media in Canada appear to be mere propaganda outlets for Islam, Muslims, Sharia, and the like? *sigh*

  • Mal

    I ought not be punished for criticizing the religion-of-peace because of my pre-existing condition: islamodysphoria.
    It is islamodysphoriaphobes that need to be punished. Obviously.

  • Editor

    Everybody learned the Charlie Hebdo lesson, except those who refuse to learn.

    • WalterBannon

      Everybody learned the Charlie Hebdo lesson, except Everybody

  • simus1

    “broke into Charlie Hebdo”
    er no.
    The two perps grabbed a hostage and extorted their way into a totally unprepared to resist leftist playpen under the semi watchful eyes of incompetent unarmed Paris police.
    A never fail scenario that would be repeated with slight variations over time.

    • “…totally unprepared to resist leftist playpen…”?

      Charlie Hebdo editor Stéphane “Charb” Charbonnier in 2012: “I’d Rather Die Standing Than Live on My Knees”

      Do you really think everyone at Charlie Hebdo was so stupid and clueless that they didn’t know they were in danger? How would that even be possible? I’m not meaning to single you out, simus, but I’m really sick of this sort of idea that’s so standard now on “our side” that the staff at Hebdo frankly kind of had it coming, and definitely weren’t brave or admirable or anything. All because, well, some of their stuff was offensive to Christians too. It almost sounds to me as if a lot of people don’t have a problem with the massacre and are rather glad that the jihadis had the balls to carry it out. Again, I’m not saying you mean that, at all. But that’s the vibe I get from some, and it chills me.

      • simus1

        Their total security precautions consisted of one minimal electric multi pushbutton front door lock. Nothing else. Not even a duress code on it or a security camera to forewarn of incoming danger. Not even a hefty inner locked door as a final barrier to view and talk to those who wanted to come in. Not even a few baseball bats or pieces of rebar for final last ditch protection.
        This was the gathering place of cutting edge cartoonists, those who made a practice of deeply insulting millions of people every week, in the name of free speech and liberty. Not only muslims, but all types of fanatics and others with a grudge real or imagined could have sought them out.
        Pro race car drivers started wearing very uncomfortable Nomex fire resistant overalls not because they expected to be in a crash every time they raced or even because regulations demanded it. It was because they knew what they were doing could transform into disaster in the blink of an eye.

        • WalterBannon

          I agree. When your govt is working against the people and fails to provide for their security, private citizens are obliged to undertake their own protection because they no longer live in a civil society. that is the reality of France and places like sweden etc.

          • Yes. Unfortunately it’s very difficult to defend yourself in European countries (or Canada) unless you’re part of the political establishment.

        • I know nothing about their security preparations but I’ll take your word for it.

      • WalterBannon

        the staff at Charlie did not have it coming. no one deserves to be killed for committing satire or insulting other people’s beliefs

        but neither were they realistic in their lack of preparation knowing the kind of people their govt had allowed into France

        Personally if I had been in their place, in that country, I would have a concealed carry Glock, no matter what the French law might be.