How did a member of “Schools without Racism” experience anti-Semitic bullying?

A 14-year-old German schoolboy suffered bullying and physical abuse by classmates simply because he is Jewish. It sounds like a story from the dark days of the Nazi era, but it happened just this year at the Friedenauer Gemeinschaftsschule in the Schöneberg district of Berlin.

The school has been a member of the anti-discrimination network “Schools without Racism – Schools with Courage” (SOR – SMC) since 2016. The network is supposed to promote tolerance among students and teachers. It begs the question how this message fits with what happened to the Jewish boy.

Germany had best focus on the “Muslim Era”, The New Nazis are already here.

  • simus1

    Hitler knew how much his Austrian betters would be both offended and entranced by his pushing of nazi doctrine that echoed islam in so many ways.

    • The Nazis did a masterful job monitoring public opinion.

    • stubb

      Hitler actually said that Islam was the only religion he admired.

  • stubb

    Europeans are in the process of discovering that Muhammad makes Hitler look like a well-behaved choir boy. This will not end well.