White SJW’s hardest hit

Black Lives Matter Philly Bans White People From Its Meetings

On Dec. 3, approximately 1,000 students, faculty and staff participated in a Black Lives Matter March on campus and in downtown Middletown. None appear to be “Black”.

Black Lives Matter Philly banned white people from an upcoming event, claiming it is a “black only space.”

The April 15 meeting plans to discuss projects and initiatives for the upcoming year and act as a  place for people to “meet, strategize and organize.” While children are invited to attend, white people are explicitly banned from the meeting, according to the Facebook event page.

h/t RM

  • ontario john

    I wonder if Black Lives Matter will demand that white people be banned from Toronto’s homosexual parade.

  • Ed

    That’s what I call “win win.”

  • moraywatson

    BLM is the dominatrix that progressively-privileged white snowflakes have been pining for ever since daddy gave them their first participation trophy. (Substitute islam for BLM in case of an intersectional emergency.)

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    • Clink9

      The little poodles luvs their spanks.

  • mobuyus

    BLM has something in common with the greatest of all movements( bowel) they both stink.

  • Banning mud sharkin’ is racist!

  • jt

    Last summer when ABDI died in the hands of the Ottawa Police a black group wanted to hold a community meeting but they made it clear no whites allowed they had trouble getting a place and most refused to rent them space.

  • Tooth&Claw

    After Rachel Dolezal, who can blame them? Stealing their thunder dontcha know.

  • deplorabledave
  • Malcolm Y

    Looking at the picture, you know, you never have RPGs and fragmentation grenades when you need them.

  • The__Hammer

    I can’t say I blame them on this one. Lot’s of white SJWs trying to hijack that movement.

    • bargogx1

      Birds of a feather

  • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

    Love how they use Malcolm X as an example when it’s a fact that he turned away
    against that separation stuff and openly attacked it after his return from Mecca.

    It’s the reason he was killed.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Dear God, let them eat one another.

  • WalterBannon

    I am sick of virtue signally cucks, like in that picture

  • bargogx1

    Nothing “divisive” about that. Nope, nothing at all.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    These dumb bastards don’t know that black slavery would not have been successful without the instigation and cooperation of their leaders back in good old Africa. It was about money!