To be replaced by the annual “Muhammad’s Day Severed Head Hunt”

England’s National Trust Airbrushes “Easter” Out Of Annual Egg Hunt

Theresa May has hit out at the National Trust for dropping “Easter” from its egg hunt, describing the decision as “absolutely ridiculous”.

The Prime Minister said Easter was “very important” to her and that she didn’t know what the organisation “are thinking”.

It comes as the National Trust Twitter was bombarded with messages on social media from disgruntled members asking how to cancel their membership.

  • ed

    soft “dar-al-harb ” the house of war , st Petersburg and London hard dar al harb

  • jayme

    It’s weird how people act surprised by these kinds of things: they continually fail to understand the implications of mass Muslim immigration. Western society, including the little things like Easter eggs and Christmas trees, cannot survive alongside of Islam – how hard is that to understand?

    • tom_billesley

      But the first few mahometan families to move into their street were so nice, so what happened later is inexplicable.

    • But it started even before mass immigration (SEE: Happy Holidays). Leftists are horrified of Western culture.

  • Never in my life have I put up trees for any holiday other than Christmas, worn shamrocks for any other day other than Saint Patrick’s Day nor have I hunted for eggs except on Easter.

    The emotional retardation has to stop.