Student reporter fed to wolves for challenging anti-white prof

A student journalist was recently thrown under the bus by her school’s campus newspaper after she described a professor’s comments about white people as disgraceful.

In fact, The Sou’wester, Rhodes College’s student publication, retracted not only the article in question, but even withdrew the entire issue from print because of Lynsey Campbell’s alleged “unimpeachably false” writing, a claim Campbell has summarily rejected, standing by the opinions she espoused in her since-retracted op-ed.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Hey, at least they are fighting against fascists and nazis!

    • Damn right, they’re like the greatest generation only braver!

  • El Martyachi

    A solitary tear rolls down my cheek.

    • mobuyus

      Try to keep it together there.

  • KillerMarmot

    As Campus Reform points out, The Sou’wester retraction claims Campbell is not part of the writing staff, even though the article headline states she is.

    Rookie mistake. A single blatant lie is enough to discredit everything else you say.

  • Ed

    In the Soviet Union, people would be put on a waiting list, save for decades, and then finally have delivery of …a Lada. A car that was transcendentally shit in every way.

    We laughed at the Soviet Union’s incompetence with a Command/Control economy… but we’ve managed to produce the same result in education in the west.

    Overpriced, shit, useless.