Singapore Deports Imam For Comments Against Jews, Christians

Bravo to Singapore. Every nation that believes in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness should expel, deport, purge their countries of this poisonous ideology.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, are you paying attention?

  • BillyHW

    I hope Justin isn’t paying attention, or he’ll give this guy Canadian citizenship.

  • Gary

    Bring him to Toronto because John Tory knows a really hard core jew-hating mosque near city hall . He might even get a visit from Wynne to give him a plaque for the good jew-hating work he can do in the jew-hating Toronto muslim community .

  • xavier

    Well don’t applaud too much. The same laws are used to shut down legitimate dissent or contrary opinions.
    Look up Amos Yee or Roy Ngreng

  • stubb

    Hell yeah Trudeau is paying attention. He just sent the guy’s entire family first-class tickets to Vancouver, and offered to personally help him move into his luxurious new taxpayer-donated house.