Palestinians: The Diploma for Terror

  • A glance at their leaders and senior officials tells them that Palestinian Authority jobs go to “graduates” of Israeli prisons.
  • Besides sending a message to Palestinians about who is valued in Palestinian society, the Fatah leader is also making it clear that the path to leadership and employment passes through Israeli prisons. Abbas’s senior representative is telling Palestinians that there is no need for them to pursue actual education: Israeli prisons are the best “universities.”
  • The longer the time spent in prison, the higher the military rank. Ten years will earn them the rank of Colonel. More than that will earn them General. The path to winning a job with a PA ministry also passes through Israeli prisons. These are the leaders touted as role models to young Palestinians.
  • vwVwwVwv

    Israel should rent prisons in Korea, in North Korea.

  • Ed

    Hey palestine guys… how do you know the israelis aren’t sedating your prison promoted leaders and planting chips? You know, the Jooooooooos can do anything!