On Campus: Minority Priorities

The free speech wars on North American campuses appear to have arrived at their inevitable endpoint. For years, American and Canadian students have played around with a new form of morality in education. It is based not on a traditional concept of searching for truth or investigating and analyzing ideas, but rather on the concept that the veracity of an opinion can be discerned by the person uttering it.

In this way, a considerable number of people have apparently decided that a variety of “privileges” exist that make some speakers vital to listen to and others unnecessary, unless they agree to mouth a set of pre-ordained platitudes.

This concept, coupled with the idea that minorities require special protection from speech, have now finally delivered the moral breakdown that was always waiting for it. The warning signs have been there for years.

  • Martin B

    Missing link?

  • Hard Little Machine

    I think it’s funny and I am considering getting some kind of college adjunct job one of these days, a part time deal, mostly for the money but also to keep the brain going. In any case I will have a ball not saying anything to anyone, maybe not even assigning work or having exams. I specialize in econometrics, O.R. I/T, management consulting. I would LOVE to get into a fight with some moron about that.

    • El Martyachi

      Do it. You’re needed.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      How high will the ideological price of admission be?
      I work for a crown and I made my deal with the devil for my wife and kids.

      • Hard Little Machine

        As a person – as just one person, who’s responsible to my family and my loved ones, I am first and foremost mercenary. It’s not admirable in the wider social sense but it’s ennobling for ME because that’s where my obligations lie.

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          I haven’t gone so far at work to redirect my union dues to my favourite charity because I don’t want to poke them in the eye when I might actually need their help some day.
          However, one of my pleasurable pastimes at work is to shoot the socialists in a barrel that are all around me.
          Most hate Trump on some reflexive knee jerk level and it’s great fun to cultivate cognitive dissonance in them when I expose the contradictions inherent in their biases.
          And every once in a while I catch a guy surfing Breitbart and he’s my new best friend!

    • bob e

      If you be white .. U be unqualified cracka’ !!
      Doan’ need no MOFO*kin’ adjunk bit.ch … !!

  • bob e

    HLM .. seems one of the homies got outta’ control on the blog.
    I would write a note to the manager ..