Not Attracted to Someone? You May Be a ‘Casual Racist’

Are you a racist if you aren’t physically attracted to certain features? Of course not.

Everyone has preferences that catch our eye. Maybe you like redheads, or women who look like Beyonce, or both or neither. Having such preferences means you’re a human.

But if you don’t suppress these preferences, you’re a racist according to this Social Justice Warrior…

  • simus1

    No mention of a profession? Would have guessed Adjunct Professor of Racism and Colonial Studies at Bent Brain U.

    • I think it’s just assumed;)

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        I used to bartend with an English denturist who said before I die I want to fuck me a chink.
        Funny, my Barbadian boss says the same thing.

  • Editor

    Check out this guy. He takes it several steps further.

  • Frances

    Oh for the days when a Protestant dating a Catholic was considered shocking. And vice versa.