Hero Dog Dies Thwarting Muslim Terrorist

Dog dies fighting suicide bomber at Maiduguri wedding party

h/t TROP

  • Dana Garcia

    Dogs can smell evil — that’s why muzlimes hate them.

    • Damn right they can.

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  • mobuyus

    The muslim witness’s his better in a dog and the vile skulking creature knows it.

  • tom_billesley

    Some whites in South Africa used to get a black to hit their dog a few times, so that the dog would bark to warn of blacks near the property. I wonder if it would work with musloids?

  • Clink9

    A little OT but my little dog has started to bark at black people on TV.


  • God bless his furry heart.

  • favill

    When I visited US Ft Apache in Afghanistan in 2007 there was a “camp dog” who spent his days lolling in the “square”. I had been in-country for a few months and missed my dog back home so I went up to him (remember, he had never seen me before)…and petted him, talked to him, gave him a treat and he acted like any docile dog would–he rolled on his back, put his paws up, lolled his tongue and basically revelled in the human contact (exactly the same reaction my dog would make, which made me miss my dog even more). After I finished and was getting up, an Afghan Army guy came strolling along (about 10′ away) and the dog was up, hackles up, baring his fangs, barking at him and placed himself between me and the guy. This Afghan guy was stationed at the base…so it made me wonder what that dog knew about this fellow–that the American soldiers didn’t.

    • mobuyus

      I used to evict people from my parties that my old dog took issue with. He was never wrong about people. He was good with women children, men in uniform and baby animals, though he loved eating rabbits and squirrels he never ate the young. He was a real protector to the weak and innocent. A big fun King Doberman I miss him alot.

  • simus1

    As soon as I read “gallant dog”, I thought “Vanguard” would be a bit unusual. It is printed in Lagos, Nigeria while the incident occurred up in the Northeast corner where multiple national boarders and muslim majority populations complicate the fight against muslim fanatic terrorism.