Former Border Chief: Arizona Wall Put A Dramatic Stop To Illegal Crossings

A former border chief cites an Arizona wall that dramatically cut illegal immigrant crossings as proof barriers can work to keep people out in testimony prepared for a Senate hearing Tuesday.

The wall built on the southern border near Yuma resulted in 94 percent fewer illegal crossings, former deputy Border Patrol chief Ronald Colburn says in the testimony previewed by Paul Bedard in the Washington Examiner. Calling the results “impressive,” Colburn cites the wall to refute the commonly stated argument that President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall is a waste of time and money, because it wouldn’t actually stop illegal immigrants from crossing.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    A 94% reduction?
    Can we retire the ladder jokes?
    Can we force the left to admit that walls work just fine almost ALL OF THE TIME?

  • Gary

    APRIL 11 2015
    Kenya to expel 500,000 Somali Muslims and build wall entire length of border with Somalia.

    So Obama’s father’s homeland of Kenya tells the UN to move the refugee camp into Somalia for a security reason and yet the US Media is silent but now goes Ape over Trump suspending Travel from 7 nations for only 120 days .

    I have said this since 2011 that Obama is a victim of the Liberals Soft-racism of lowered-expectations by the media and Liberals that don’t hold a Black President to the same Standards as a White President .
    With only 5th months post-election and 2 1/2 months since Trump was sworn in….he has seen more attacks and verbal abuse than the 8 years of Obama even with the 7 illegals war, drone strikes on civilians, mocking Border security , complicit in 4 deaths in Benghazi, corruption in the IRS NSA DOJ DHS FBI , Fast-n-furious , cash to iran , Mother in-law living in the White House , and the $$$millions spent on fuel for the 747 Airforce 1 to go golfing .

    Border wall

    Ruto said Kenya had started building a 700km (440 mile) wall along the entire length of the border with Somalia to keep out members of al-Shabab.
    “We must secure this country at whatever cost, even if we lose business with Somalia, so be it,” he said.
    Yet our Drama teacher/pot-smoking P.M. opens our borders for Somali’s to pour in from the USA ( which won’t take them ) even after OUR 2 terrorism attacks in 2014 and the Somali drug gangs shooting each other in Toronto, Edmonton and Calgary .