University of California system pledges to funnel millions to Mexican universities

Yesterday from Mexico City, Napolitano announced the start of a partnership with the Mexican Secretariat of Energy which will funnel $10 million from UC funds, essentially California taxpayer dollars, to research in Mexican universities.

If you think Trump might be mad about this, you know who’s even more upset? California taxpayers and students. Those are the people who are paying tuition and funding your school through some of the highest tax rates in the country — they will be the ones to feel the burden.

  • Editor

    Although I’m really happy I don’t pay taxes in California, I’m having more and more trouble to feel bad for leftists. They have brought this upon themselves, repeatedly. You want to feel good about your self righteous selves, well it costs. Tens of millions apparently.

    And this is the woman who was in charge of America’s safety and security. Makes you wonder where her loyalties lies.

    • Etobicoke_Gladiator

      Is California technically a part of the USA? Please refresh me on this.

      • Editor

        Ha! I think it is, although many might prefer not admit it. I hear Berkeley is in California. Can you imagine living with that!

  • BillyHW

    Don’t worry. In exchange for these millions and millions of dollars we will have the eternal gratitude of the Mexican people. Their great grandchildren will thank our great grandchildren for the generosity we showed them.

  • If Mexico is smart, they will reject the money. Does oil-rich Mexico really want money to fund the Global Warming scam which will destroy their energy industry, and will eventually morph into other scams like transgender studies, gender-bending research, and militant feminism for the purpose of destroying the traditional Mexican family structure and culture? With the North American and Western European progressive Left it’s always a “full package” — they’re not just going to meddle in the Mexican energy sector and economy. Once Mexican Universities become dependent on the money it will be used as leverage to demand acceptance of the full neo-Marxist anti-family anti-Sovereignty Globalist agenda.

    I’ve lived in Latin America and seen how these Left-sponsored foreign “education” programs work. My neighbours used to tell me that they would never send their kids to study in a U.S. University (although they could afford it) because they always end up addicted to drugs and morally depraved, abandoning their traditional family values, culture and religion. Not that Mexico can’t use some drastic lessons in pollution control and respect for the natural environment — Mexico has often rivaled China in terms of violating Mother Earth. But Progressive education always has the same goal: culturally dysfunctional progressive politics, not good practical education.

    • El Martyachi

      It’s not about the money either. More than 10 million in narco cash has flowed from California to Mexico since this article was posted.

      • Mexico is awash with narco money. Although the extradition of El Chapo is a good start, I wonder where that’s going now — never hear anything in the news. He must be shitting himself with Trump at the helm — I hope they go ahead with the death penalty after all. It’ll send a message to the other “Capos”.

      • And California heavily influenced the politics of Canada’s energy sector, especially Ontario which swallowed the Al Gore agenda hook, line and sinker. We already know the outcome.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I hope Muslim terrorists are angry and they rise up and riot for their slice of that pie too. Hamas University needs more tranny bathrooms.

  • Gary

    It’s a ruse to get them educated enough to board a Plane for canada and make a refugee claim since Justin got rid of the VISA rule.
    California have the closet-racist Leftist liberals that act like they embrace Diversity but now they want these thugs and welfare parasites to head to Canada and make it like the hell-hell they are fleeing.

    John Tory and Joe Mehevic told the World that Toronto is now a Sanctuary City where anyone can get Welfare, Health Care, Housing and Police protection where criminals are safe from being reported to the RCMP for removal if their crimes were outside of canada.

    With about 20,000,000 illegals in US while sanctuary Cities include several close to Canada’s border , get ready for at least 500,000 to start pouring in since Justin’s only plan to have no plan other than higher taxes and anti- islamophobia laws and racist policies for Government jobs where Canadian born white people are excluded while a somali refugee or ISIS supporters from Syria gets hired at $50 ,000.00 year to start.