The Muslim Brotherhood Swoops into Sweden

“Sweden needs to be a safe space for refugees… It is time to realize that the new Swedes will claim their space. And bring their culture, language and habits. It is time to see this as a positive force… Something new — The New Country”. — Video advertisement; last sentence spoken by a young woman in a hijab.

  • WalterBannon

    the indigenous people of Sweden will soon become extinct

  • Hard Little Machine

    As long as the Swedes quickly destroy their advanced military technology I’m fine with it. It concerns me though that it will take too long to decommission their last atomic power plant before they hand nuclear fuel over to the Muslims to make dirty bombs

    • Ammy0074

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  • Gary

    It’s already in Canada where CAIR made sure that Diversity quotas got the islamists inside all 3 levels of the Government and Police Services or Security Departments.
    Justin Trudeau has changed the RCMP employment rules where you no longer have to be Born in Canada or be a citizen to to get hired.
    This means that any one of the 7,000,000,000 people outside Canada that are not in born in Canada or Citizens , can enter illegally and make a refugee claim later on to get Landed Status and then apply for job to get access to the Addresses of every Judge and Political party head .
    RCMP Officers on the Hill will more of threat than Jihadists just like Ghandi’s Sikh Security Guard killed her over the 1984 Amristar Temple issue , we ended up having Sikh’s in Canada slaughter 260 Canadians that were among 329 people on a 747 that blew up at about 40,000 feet and 550 mph .

    When Churches in Canada get attacked by muslims or any group, Christians feel sorry for those with such hatred in their hearts…..they DON’T go on a slaughtering spree or put bombs on airplanes .

    By having islamofacists close to the Leaders as their Guards, Canada is screwed because we get our hands tied because no PM would want send our troops in a nation that’s at war with us .
    The Toronto-18 muslims terrorists had a plot to use truck-bombs in a busy area at lunch time with the hope of slaughtering over 5000 civilians . During the court trial the devout muslim ring leader was an Afghanistan refugee we took in and he said that he was punishing Canada for Chretien having troops that were killing his muslim brothers in the Taliban.
    The CBC didn’t report that and nor did Police Chief Blair tell the whole story at his Press meeting in a radical mosque surround by muslims to tell us that it had NOTHING to do with muslims or islam.
    Blair was grooming him self for a Liberal MP position while the Police Chief which now makes sense for why he allowed gays and Muslims to break the Law along with CUPE thugs and Pot smokers. Now we have a Black police chief that has already shown that he is defending islam by denouncing islamophobia after a jihad terrorist attack in Toronto by a somali background muslim from Montreal .

    When the Police , Premiers and Mayors act like they have the power to pick what Laws will be enforced for their Job security….we are in a banana republic run by thugs with a tax funding quasi-army in Police uniforms.

    Toronto City Hall now seems to be outraged over the Funding to Pride because the BLM urban islamofascist terrorist threatened to shut down the Parade if the Police float aren’t banned from now on .
    but look at the photos of PRIDE where there is child-abuse in public and there were 2 Jew-hating pro-hamas groups allowed for about 5 years in a row with no pulling of the funding because the Homofascists and islamofascists have a shared hatred for Jews and the West.

    So David Miller and Barbara Hall were fine with the 5 years of child-abuse and groups supporting hamas murdering gays in Gaza ……but now the same gays that loved the FREE police security have now turned against them and took side with Terrorists linked to the Muslims Brotherhood and Sharia where they want to kill ALL gays as a favour to allah.
    Rob Ford didn’t want to be complicit in the public display where federal laws were broken which the Police refused to enforce , now John Tory has joined in but this time he praised a jew-hating Imam in a radical Mosque near City Hall where those muslims grunted in agreement when the same Imam call for taking over Canada and killing all the unbelievers in a Caliphate .

    The people in CUPE that are violent at the Pro M-103 rallies and at the pro-free speech rallies are MORONS with a low IQ where only the Government would hire them . We know they are CUPE members because they benefit from the illegals and growing number of muslims on welfare plus they are tied to OCAP and the Black Bloc thugs which the ANTIFA are by their masks and SS style Black garb .
    The Police are protecting them as they do for any violent CUPE member that attacks a taxpayer , it’s the taxpayers the Police arrest by some BS excuse to stop them from inciting the peaceful thugs with masks .