Soros-Tied Networks, Foundations Joined Forces To Create Trump ‘Resistance’ Fund

Three liberal donor networks and foundations with ties to billionaire George Soros have joined forces to form a new fund to “resist” President Donald Trump.

The Emergent Fund, which carries a goal of fighting “immediate threats” to “immigrants, women, Muslim and Arab-American communities, black people, LGBTQ communities, and all people of color,” was established late last year to quickly fund groups to take direct, immediate action against Republicans.

  • andycanuck

    You mean all those beautiful and expensive signs the protesters were carrying weren’t made on the spur of the moment by the grassroots? Never.

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  • Gary

    Only because those groups have the useful idiots with low IQs and are too stupid to see that they have been bought by the same white supremacy people that are suppose to hate.
    Liberals in canada see these same groups as ignorant peons to pay the taxes and fund their health care to stay rich . They throw money at them to stay in the ghettos and don’t visit these unwashed until election time .

  • Felicia Scott

    It’s my understanding that Soros, who holds dual citizenship (American/Hungarian) owes $6 billion in back taxes. Where the hell is the IRS when you really need them for something?

    • Carlo

      IRS Commissioner John Koskinen is corrupt. He was in charge of the IRS cover-up of the tea party targeting scandal, during the Obama administration. He should be out of a job.

  • El Martyachi

    Iggy made the news again, talking tough on behalf of the main Soros university.

  • Shebel

    What I find really scary is they have managed to stop Trump at every thing he does.
    He appears to have less Power than this Idiot that is running Canada.
    You take a guy like Trump and belittle him on the home front . Laugh at him. Humiliate him.
    You better hope that the CIA doesn’t get their way—-
    Because He is going to make one helluva statement before he leaves.
    I am guessing— N. Korea.