Prof Warns Students Will Lose Points on Essays If They Don’t Use ‘Gender Sensitive’ Language

Lots of things can lead college professors to dock students’ points on their essays, from faulty reasoning to lame examples to bad spelling.

But one British university is adding something new to the list: the failure to use “gender sensitive” language.

  • Shebel


    • dance…dancetotheradio

      If you’re in the humanities you’re an idiot and since you signed up for this bullshit you deserve this crap.
      I don’t know how many times I’d need to use pronouns in calculus class.

  • Alain

    University? No, more of a Maoist re-education camp.

  • Ed

    After kidnap victims escape they often call the cops.

    “Professors” only matter till the paper is graded… and then people remember how they were treated.

  • He, she or it will be shortened to h’or’sh’it.

  • Barrington Minge

    What is all this bollocks? A man is a “he” , a women is a “she”. Just check the chromosomes!!!!

  • Nermal

    We Kiwis pronounce “xe”, “xem” and “xyr” as “it”. Much easier.

  • K1

    UofT told me I could not use the word ‘leary” as it was slang=marked down for it
    ….it dates from 1718=I think we can take it out of the slang category now