‘It doesn’t fit the narrative’: MSM give minimum or no coverage to violent protests in Paris

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    • Maggat

      Considering that this story is delivered by RT I think it is fitting to tell you to Отвали!

  • Gary

    This report wasn’t accurate . The Chinese in Paris aren’t rioting… they are angry that muslim gangs are getting away with attacking Chinese tourists out of wealth and education envy which stem from muslims being follower of islam that produces people predisposed to violence and terrorism on top of sloth .

    What needs to happen is for non-muslims to get more violent since the Politicians have set an example that the most violent thugs are heard and get what they want.
    When 80 % of population is beating the crap out of muslims while the cops are out number 10:1 , the police will now have to condone the attacks and just keep the peace by arresting the Muslims for inciting the attack .

    In the USA , my money is on the ANTIFA fascists thugs getting beat-up and some shot dead once they push the patriots too far and attack cops too many times.
    You’re gong to see a Kent State moment where the thugs will act like they have weapons or taunt people to respond for which the guns come out and 8-10 of them get shot and died.
    This will stop the riots and mobs that smash windows are beat up women. They have gotten away with post-Election loss for Hillary but it’s going to be 5 months this week since Trump victory over crooked Hillary .
    Enough already , the cops can’t win because they Politicians are on side with he illegals and BLM terrorists which means that they will be raked over the coals if they harm those savages but when they start to get shot the cops will be blamed for not protecting the same savages.
    The lawyers are sitting and waiting to sue the Cops just like the lawyers here for the Muslims that are pushing their luck by trying to make Canada an islamic hell-hole.

    My guess is that the june 12 th anniversary for the Orlando slaughter by a devout muslim that murdered 49 gays will be the flash point where ANTIFA thugs show up with posters and bull horns to call people islamophobes and racists just for having memorial evening with prayers and candles.
    They don’t give a damn that a muslim slaughtered 49 homosexuals …….they hate the West as much as the muslims do and they would bomb 100 gay bars to make a point that Trumps is homophobe .

    • Shebel

      Don’t see anyone arguing with you– .
      Especially me.

  • Shebel

    Is the ANTIFA a new word ? I always thought that it was a Palestinian thing.