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Exhibit on Canadian Jewish Experience opens to public Tuesday

A new exhibit on the contributions of Jewish Canadians celebrates the country’s sesquicentennial in 2017 but traces a history that stretches back to the mid-1700s.

The Canadian Jewish Experience: A Tribute to Canada 150 had its official launch Sunday at 30 Metcalfe St., steps from Parliament Hill, and is open to the public starting Tuesday.

“The first Jewish Canadians arrived more than one hundred years before Confederation,” Sen. Linda Frum said. “We’ve been here for a quarter of a millennium, but many Canadians don’t know the role we’ve played to make our country strong and vibrant.

Egypt: “3,000 extremist fatwas” incite Muslims to destroy churches

“Muslims had never destroyed any kind of heritage after their historic victories in foreign countries, in contrary to what ISIS and other extremists are doing now.”

That is flatly false. There are records of literally thousands of Hindu temples that Muslim invaders destroyed in India. And remember that the Middle East and North Africa were Christian areas before the Arab conquest. Those people had churches. They aren’t there now.

March for Science Becomes Intersectional Anti-Science Racial Quota March

The left claims to love science. Just ask Lysenko. But the left also can’t get anything off the ground without getting mired into intersectionality. That includes its latest fake protest, the March for Science, which was supposed to be yet another anti-Trump rally, but has devolved into intersectional insanity.

It may be the largest rally in support of science ever. Hundreds of thousands of people have joined the Facebook group for the upcoming March for Science, and tens of thousands have offered to volunteer. Beyond a march in Washington, more than 400 cities worldwide will host simultaneous events on April 22 to repudiate science policies of the new White House and Congress.

The rally is in support of science the way that the KKK loves black people.

Detroit Man Wants to Be First Muslim Governor in America

The takeover of America by Muslims won’t come from ISIS goat-humpers. The real devils wear suits.

These radicals study at Ivy League schools. Further, they look like Westerners and talk like us. Because Obama familiarized us with their names and some of their culture.

Sadly, never has there been such a quick adaptation to such a dramatically different culture, than that of those who practice Islam. All other cultures gladly accept the American way of life. Not practitioners of Islam.

Psychologist Analyzes Trump’s Election And The Progressive Left

Sifting through the tumultuous aftermath of President Donald Trump’s election, a former clinical psychologist steeped in understanding cultural Marxism, shares his observations on how Democrats are working to distract and delegitimatize Trump.

According to Tim Daughtry, co-author of “Waking the Sleeping Giant,” our elections since 2010 demonstrate citizens want Washington to stop governing against the will of the people as it drives the nation towards liberal progressive socialism. The clear 2016 ballot box message, he says, was “change course, secure our borders, get rid of Obamacare, put in some free market reforms, get our economy going again” with this man, who has never held elective office.

Daughtry says America is clearly facing a crisis over the “consent of the governed” as citizens demand a responsive national government, just as the British turned from globalism of the European Union in their surprising Brexit vote last June. Trump’s inaugural address echoed this very theme as, to cheers, he promised to transfer power back to the citizen, from a small Washington elite.

NDP gave maps, advice and other help to a third-party anti-Liberal group in Ottawa by-election

As voters get set to head to the polls Monday in five federal byelections, new evidence has emerged that the New Democrats have provided strategic help and research to a third party that is endorsing NDP and Green candidates.

The National Post has obtained emails and memos written by the president and other members of Fair Vote Canada, a third-party group that has been a strong advocate of electoral reform. The documents acknowledge that the NDP campaign in the riding of Ottawa-Vanier provided maps and research to Fair Vote to help that organization decide where to deploy its resources to assist the electoral efforts of the candidates it has endorsed.

Survival Rules for Pro-Trump Californians Living Behind the Blue Curtain

Nearly 4.5 million voters in this state cast their ballots for Donald Trump in the November election. More than 47 other states and just a fraction fewer than Texas and Florida.

Unfortunately for these Californians, their vote total was dwarfed by the 8.75 million that went for Hillary Clinton from the Golden State, as her 61 percent vote share constituted the biggest landslide since FDR carried the state in 1936.

So if you’re a Trump supporter in California, for the most part you try to keep your political affiliation incognito. That means no bumper stickers on your car. No lawn signs on your property. No post-election parties. You keep your gloating and hopefulness behind closed doors.

Hamas warns Israel ‘collaborators’ of death following Gaza assasination

Gaza-based Palestinian movement Hamas has promised “radical measures” against Palestinians who have been found to collaborate with Israel, the group said on Saturday, one week after a senior commander was shot dead by a suspected Israeli collaborator.

These measures could include arrests, trials and even executions, interior ministry spokesman Iyad al-Bozum said, as the movement continues its security clampdown to root out the killer.

Similar action was taken by the Hamas’ armed wing during Israel’s 2014 summer bombardment of the Gaza Strip, when six men accused of collaboration were executed.

German minister proposes registry of mosques, monitoring of Islamic sermons

These are good common sense suggestions, warranted by the increase in jihad attacks in Europe. In fact, it’s astonishing that neither the German authorities nor any other Western authorities are paying any attention to what is taught in the mosques. They are all pretending that Islamic teaching is not what it really is, or that Muslims in the West aren’t teaching the aspects of Islam that conflict with Western principles of human rights. That assumption is, at best, unproven. But as commonsensical as they are, these suggestions will be greeted with a chorus of accusations of “Islamophobia.”

Motion 103 puts Islam on trial

The Canadian government has passed Motion 103, the same day as an Angus Reid Institute survey was published asking Canadians how they’d vote if they were MPs. A plurality of 42% said they’d vote against it. While only 29% would give it the go ahead.

The Motion also calls for a Heritage Committee study to look at the issues mentioned in the Motion and then report back with recommendations that could be used to create legislation within 240 days.

This motion, inspired by the E 411 Petition, which garnered 70,000 signatures, stated that Islamist terrorists “do not reflect in any way the values or the teachings of the religion of Islam” and that “they misrepresent the religion.”