Chaos in London: Tommy Robinson vs. 100 leftist “Antifa” thugs

Caolan Robertson and I headed to the London “March Against Terror” this weekend to report on the event and media reaction.

The event was organised by Britain First, a controversial patriotic group that regularly holds marches against Islamic extremism.

After just minutes of Caolan and I arriving, Antifa and United Against Fascism swarmed us, throwing bottles and attacking us.

  • Tommy is a tough guy with brains. Just what the world needs these Muslim/Leftist Alliance days.

    • Editor

      Agreed, although he’s usually escorted away by the police within minutes of his arrival at a demonstration. Doesn’t give him much time to engage and ask the antifa thugs any questions.

  • barryjr

    I have to wonder about the police involvement in all these antifa attacks. Somebody has a rally and these antifa thugs show up and the police like good little quislings take their orders from the antifa thugs and move off those peaceful law abiding folk having a peaceful rally. It’s time that cops got their heads out of the asses and enforced the law instead of taking orders from fascists wearing masks.