Atlanta cheating scandal teachers go to cells in hand-cuffs

In one of the biggest cheating scandals of its kind in the U.S., 11 former Atlanta public school educators were convicted Wednesday of racketeering for their role in a scheme to inflate students’ scores on standardized exams.

The defendants – including teachers, a principal and other administrators – were accused of falsifying test results to collect bonuses or keep their jobs in the 50,000-student Atlanta school system.

  • If only they had been tried 6 months ago… free as a bird.

  • Martin B

    I don’t think there are enough jail cells to hold all the scumbag “educators” who belong there.

  • Shame on them.

  • J. C.

    And the swamp-draining commences… ūüėČ

  • The Butterfly

    Why didn’t they do what everybody else does and import Chinese students?

  • occupant 9

    Luckily this won’t tarnish the image of all teachers like it would’ve if the corrupted perps were not Progressive Leftists. I doubt this will be allowed to travel around the news rooms with any sort of wider indications of ideological rot.

  • Frances

    If they’d spent a fraction of the time it took to run the racket figuring out to effectively teach the students, the grades would have gone up naturally and all would have benefited. As it is, they cynically robbed the students of a future.

    • Clausewitz

      In the past, when I was obtaining my credentials for teaching in Buffalo, I had the unfortunate opportunity to come across the “Sisterhood”. These would be the leftist black teachers, mostly female who’s sole purpose seemed to be to the subversion of the education system through cheating, lying, and breaking of many state and federal laws. This is just another example.

      • Frances

        I come from a family of teachers. They all were – and still are – devoted to giving their students the tools to help them become productive and successful adults.

        You know the “Sisterhood”; it seems the “Brotherhood” joined them – and heaven protect any young’uns unfortunate enough to cross their path. To me, the biggest disgrace of this whole scandal is that the children who were entrusted to their care were totally victimized and their futures stolen from them.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    Gee he has a funny looking colour . What colour where the students? Bet’cha they are not white.

  • Gary

    It’s going on right now in Toronto to hide how the teachers are over paid and pumping out morons where only CUPE will hire them .

    • Clausewitz

      Martin Luther King Jr spent years fighting for desegregation. These days BLM and certain race hustlers both north and south of the border are attempting to destroy King’s legacy through segregation. It’s a funny olde world.

      • Gary

        Toronto had Liberals that actually wanted to start Afro-centric ( black )
        schools because blacks weren’t do well in school so let’s blame it on the system and not their mother that spread her legs for any pig she dragged home to pump out another fatherless child on welfare .

        That didn’t go over very well, so now they just hand out a Diploma to Blacks even if they red and write at a grade 8 level . This makes them the perfect hire for a CUPE job where they reward ignorance and sloth .

  • K1

    Remember the scandal in the 80’s….Ryerson: hired a bunch of Hungarian teachers that lied about holding degrees