40 of 50 headstones at 18th century French Jewish cemetery are smashed, toppled

A passer-by noticed the vandalism earlier this week at the cemetery in Waldwisse, a village situated 215 miles east of Paris, the France3 television channel reported Thursday. The cemetery is no longer in use.


  • Sean Connery

    What are you prepared to do?

  • BillyHW

    If you support immigration then you are a hateful person who supports this.

  • Gary

    When a mosque alleges to have vandalism with NO witnesses or or arrests….the Police and media are quick to call it islamophobia to blame non-muslims which is code for White Christians . Yet when a muslim goes Jihad or we know that muslims vandalizes a jewish cemetery ……it has NOTHING to do with islam or muslims.

    This is why M-103 is dangerous because the Pakistani MP behind it knows that the CBC and STAR will have their archives full of fake hate crimes to muslims and mosques where the word islamophobe is used .
    It doesn’t matter if 95% of the hate-crime were only allegation with no arrests or shown to be done by a muslim or that the Imam vandalizing his own mosque .

    The muslims are telling us how they are the main victims of islamic terrorism by other muslims…..so why would they assume that any attack on a mosque had to be by a non-muslim . If so, why is it never an Atheist as if muslims are psychic to know it had to be a white christian male with a canadian passport as a citizen .
    At any given time in Canada there are close to 2 million non-citizens in Canada which are tourists, foreign students , or foreign employees at a Canadian based foreign Global Corporation .
    What are the odds that every hate-crime or islamophobic act is done by a White Canadian male christian when muslims have NO evidence for who did it.