What the online privacy vote is really about

If you’ve been watching TV or on social media, you’ve heard that “Republicans are going to let Internet providers sell your browser history.”

It’s not true. Not even close.

What’s really happening is that a corrupt Google power grab from the Obama administration is being overturned.

  • Gary

    On Friday I heard an Internet It expert point out that the media has twisted the story and isn’t tell the whole truth about what Obama did.
    As soon as Nancy Pelosi was against Trump , I knew something was up .

  • andycanuck

    Thanks for this. We had a concern troll blaming Trump for it this morning.

  • J. C.

    Saw a report explaining this earlier today… Thank you, Mr. President!

    And F*ck you, Obammy.

  • Okay, so the article clarifies a few things about who should handle it — the FTC rather than the FCC. But will ISP’s be able to sell your history or not under the new legislation? I’m still not clear on that…

    • H

      My guess is “yes” but I’m also unclear after reading the article. And I’m not the only one: Eeyore over at Vlad Tepes had a recent article critical of this legislation – so someone’s mistaken here, quite possibly him. Anyway, the message seems to be, download Tor (to access the deep and dark webs) and get your VPN in place if you haven’t already.