Twenty People Tortured and Killed at Sufi Shrine

Twenty people were tortured and then murdered with clubs and knives at a Pakistani Sufi shrine, the police said on Sunday, in an attack purportedly carried out by the shrine’s custodian and several accomplices.

Four others were wounded during the attack on Sunday morning at the shrine on the edge of Sargodha, a remote town in the Punjab region.

The custodian of the shrine, Abdul Waheed, called on the worshippers to visit the shrine and then attacked them with his accomplices, said Liaqat Ali Chattha, deputy commissioner for the area.

“As they kept arriving, they were torturing and murdering them,” Chattha told Geo TV.

  • andycanuck

    And the City News news-crawl is calling it a “ritual killing”.

    • Rituals that have been in place since the seventh century, yes.

    • Gary

      The media fears having their studio bombed or employees beheaded. So does the TDSB and TPSB that keep bowing to the demands by islamists .

  • SDMatt

    We need more Liberal-Party-of-Canada-voting diversity like that in Canada.

  • Martin B

    Note that the custodian’s cowardly murderous treachery is halal in Islam.

  • Tooth&Claw

    Am I supposed to care when the followers of the Religion of Pieces turn on each other for perceived differences?

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    I condem Islam more than the maniacs that follow it in this case.
    They will blame this on Trump and Islamophobia

  • Gary

    Just 1.2 billion more to go and we’ll have peace.