Trump Has Repealed These 7 Pieces Of Obama’s Environmental Legacy

President Donald Trump signed executive orders and new legislation this week that repealed much of President Obama’s environmental legacy.

  • PaulW

    Trump is expected to sign into law (if he hasn’t already) the right for IPs to share browsing history with third parties without user consent. A horrible violation of freedom. And Obamacare lives on. The environmental stuff is nice, but my honeymoon with him is definitely over. That said, he’s infinitely better than Clinton, no doubt. But he’s proven he’s only human.

    • doowleb

      There’s your problem. You’re getting your news from the BBC. Try reading about this here at this site instead of at Communist central. (What The Online Privacy Vote Is Really About), Politics is the art of the possible, it’s not a honeymoon.

  • andycanuck

    And now everyone on the planet is going to die even though the Obama regs have only been around for a few years.

    • Ed

      Right. We’re now back to the EPA era of Clinton.

      Remember those daaaaaark days Washington Post/New York Times???

  • Carlo

    Not Sick of Winning yet.