New Scientist: We need more censorship because free speech is censorship

From Sally Adee at New Scientist:

For people like Cerf and many American companies, who view online speech through the lens of the US First Amendment, Germany’s approach may look like a heavy-handed suppression of the right of free expression. However, it may be a necessary first step in re-establishing a shared moral reality. In the age of bots, misinformation, and anonymity, free speech itself may be used to enact a kind of censorship.

There are many good reasons to be wary of outsourcing the policing of moral beliefs to private corporations, even if they are only tasked with implementing a country’s national laws, as would be the case with the draft German proposal. But we should focus on the problems of relying on multinationals with corporate interests to police our moral consensus, instead of misguidedly hiding behind the old defence of free speech.More.

Reality check: We should stop reading New Scientist. The internet empowers everyone except gatekeepers. A pop science gatekeeper like New Scientist cannot possibly like that. If they can’t market gatekeeping, they can at least market gloom and doom. There’s always a market for that, especially among people wh can no longer force others to listen to them and not to listen to others.

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New Scientist author supports Popular Science shutting down comments.

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  • Martin B

    Free speech is censorship.

    Censorship is free speech.

    I’ll bet Sally here was screaming at the top of her lungs about Harper and Trump “silencing” climate scientists.

  • Millie_Woods

    Alternate headline:

    “35 reasons we need censorship, you’ll be amazed by number 31”.

  • canminuteman

    “However, it may be a necessary first step in re-establishing a shared moral reality.” – you are never going to have a shared moral reality when you share your country with leftists and Muslims.

  • bargogx1

    Typical leftist doublespeak

  • Gary

    Liberals care about power. Back around 2005 I stumbled onto a Video from a Mosque where Dan McTeague was there along with Mark Holland . The meeting was to denounce racism after the Imam alleged a hate-crime ( no evidence) to the Mosque by vandalism which the Media also rushed in to cover it but didn’t report the Hoax 3 weeks later when the police tied the crime to the Muslim that called 9-1-1 .
    Lib MP Dan Mc Teague took the mic and greeted the men ( women were in another room like chattel) and then said ‘ Allah is the true God and Muhammad is his final messenger ‘ .
    McTeague was just like Paul Martin where they profess to be Catholics and say the right things in the Churches pre-election …..but then cave to any minority group .

    At least Jack Layton ruled like a thug and stuck to his NDP stance. When a Aboriginal feminist MP wouldn’t vote for same-gender marriage ….she was booted out of the NDP . Socialists love the Group-think which is now in the schools and Universities.