Muslim Brotherhood Operative in Canadian Parliament Begins Witch Hunt for Islamophobes

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party, along with  Muslim Brotherhood Operative, Member of Parliament, Iqra Khlaid, successfully passed a motion against “Islamophobia” although 73% of Canadians did not want it to be put forward. Most did not want this motion to pass due to the ambiguity of the word Islamophobia and the abuses many can see coming because of it. Trudeau’s camp also deceptively conflated Islamophobia and racism within the motion causing further concern since Islam is not a race and made the assertion that systemic racism exists in Canada. These assertions are lies and smears against the Canadian public.

Trudeau and Khalid have stuck to their Muslim Brotherhood strategy of using psychological warfare on their opponents, the Canadian citizenry. The hunt for Islamophobes within the Canadian populace will commence even though statistics don’t bear out Khalid’s claim  that Muslims get the brunt of hate crimes in Canada. Like a true Sharia Law supremacist, she won’t let the facts stand in her way.

We’ve covered this before but it is nice to see Pamela Geller promoting it too.

  • mobuyus

    I knew it. He’s fucking muslim brotherhood. I knew it.

  • There is a reason why many of his colleagues are so oriented.

  • jt

    I think things are far worse then they seem.

  • LairdKintyre

    Keep pushing your agenda, Taquia Justin. We Old Stock Canadians built this country. We won’t stand idly by and let you dismantle it. Our forefathers didn’t sit still when a job needed doing and neither shall we. Post-Natipnal State my a $$.

  • Blind Druid

    The passing of M-103 is like “Letting the camel’s nose into the tent”.
    The best metaphor for creeping Jihad that I have heard thus far.

    • LairdKintyre

      I just read Robert Spencer’s article in Jihad Watch. Me Khalid was a leading member of the Muslim Students Association in university. You can search for the article there by her name. This is creeping sharia in action

      • Alain

        Yes, that is true.

  • Gary

    here’s 2 cases the CBC didn’t report .

    A mosque out west had a spay painted hate message on the outside white wall by the entrance on a Friday evening . The media rush in the Saturday morning because of the 9-1-1 call and police report ……but the local trades people heard about it and were there at sunrise where painters and helpers painted the entire wall for free.

    The Peterborough Mosque fire made the news as islamophobia…..but the CBC didn’t report that the Locals donated over $200,000.00 to repair the Mosque.
    No kind deed goes unpunished according to the CBC. But Mariam Monsef’s Mosque in her MP riding slipped up when the Imam met with Imam Justin and said that we are lucky to have Insurance that will cover the damage.
    The Imam took $200,000.00 while knowing the Insurance would cover it??? Don’t we have laws against charity fraud when someone fakes cancer to get money , or in this case fail to admit you have Insurance and take $200,000.00 for repairs .

    • Alain

      In the first case I find disgusting the “local trades people” who stepped in to help. First of all who knows who actually painted a “hate” message on the mosque, and dimes to doughnuts it was a Muslim. Furthermore, this is a far cry from the violence and death brought to the country by the same people. When Muslims have to run in fear for their lives, then talk to me about how much they are suffering here.

      • Gary

        The Police reported on the Mosque spray painting and it came out that the Imam said it was there right after the Friday prayers when they were inside.
        Right , bigots look for a crowed parking lot outside a Mosque and risk getting caught spraying hate on the wall when they have no idea when the service is over.
        This wasn’t a Cinema with fixed times .
        There was No security video for that vandalism , which was also the case at another mosque in 2014 where the windows were smashed in during the night. It was about 5 days later where I read that the Mosque video security was turned off that night for the first time in 4 years since being installed.
        The Imam told the Police that a new Office employee turn if off by mistake. Say what ???? …. a new employee was shown the switch for the Video cameras to turn them off even when they are never turned off for insurance reasons ?

  • Alain

    As usual under the Liberals Canada making international news for the wrong reason. Such a national embarrassment!