Los Angeles Times Editorial Loses It over Trump: ‘Narcissist,’ ‘Demagogue’

The Los Angeles Times — which did its best, it admits, to ensure that President Donald Trump would not be elected — has printed a strident, and nearly hysterical, editorial in which it calls the Trump presidency a “train wreck.”

  • Alain

    That description fits Obama and Trudeau perfectly, but not Trump.

  • andycanuck

    Yeah, I only lasted through the first three paragraphs and reading the sub-headings scrolling down to the bottom to see if they had the comments section open.

  • Who knows? Maybe the Trump Presidency will in fact end up a “train wreck”. Or maybe it will end up the best well-oiled Choo-Choo we’ve ever seen. Or maybe it will end up something in between.

    But at this point, the “train wreck” hypothesis is wishful thinking on the part of the Left. But not just wishful thinking — they are actively engaged in sabotaging the tracks the train is running on, in hopes of causing a derailment. Sociopaths.