Is Trump derangement syndrome about something bigger?

A sense that the world isn’t just tipping over indefinitely into mindless and violent progressivism?

I’ve been watching Mashable melt down for months. It could just be general immaturity and intellectual feebleness. I am still seeing stuff like this:

One company has come up with a very sweet tooth-friendly way to raise money for Planned Parenthood, and it involves biting off Donald Trump’s head.

Alcoholic sweets company Smith and Sinclair is selling limited edition “Trump sucks” lollipops to protest Trump’s reinstatement of an anti-abortion policy. More.

Reality check: Can you imagine if these people’s candidate had won? So many of them give evidence of unfitness to govern their own lives, never mind a country.

Is it possible that, at some level, they know that?

And that they sense something else too? They themselves would prefer total destruction of their country to the failure of progressivism., of course. But their country may yet survive, in part by destroying all or most of the progressives’ increasingly horrifying pet causes?

See also: Ottawa baker refuses to bake Trump treats Had Lemay been a Christian baker in “Obama’s America,” he might have faced a worse fate than having to throw out a bunch of stale cookies. Neither he nor reporter Hemens raises that.


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