Gunmen Assassinate Prominent Minority Activist in Pakistan

Unknown gunmen in central Pakistan have killed a prominent local leader of the minority Ahmadi community, a day after a new report spoke of increasing violence against what is referred to as the country’s most persecuted religious sect.

The violence came as the Ahmadi sect, in its annual report released Wednesday, documented an unprecedented increase in deadly attacks against its members and worship places across Pakistan in 2016.

  • Gary

    M-103 is dangerous because the Pakistani MP that created it does not see Ahmadi’s as muslims which means that her muslim friends back home are killing them as apostates and they might be labeled as islamophobes in Canada for having a different version of the quran.
    Ahmadi’s may end up being seen as spewing hatred and anti-muslim bigotry just for telling the truth about the faith.

  • Tooth&Claw

    Unfortunately from what I’ve seen Amhadis still believe in Islamic supremacism, in spite of their motto of “Love all, hatred for none.” They still push forward the Islamic agenda.
    That their cousins in faith consider them apostate, is just another sectarian division between Sunni, Shia, Sufi, etc.etc.

  • k2

    They better not off all of them because the CBC and its ilk will be quite cross. They need to interview “moderate” muslims after each weekly islamic terror attack to explain how said attack wasn’t representative of the religion of peace.