Flood in Colombia Kills Over 200 People


Families and rescuers searched desperately on Sunday through mud-plastered rubble for victims of flooding and landslides in Colombia that have killed at least 210 people, injured hundreds and devastated entire neighborhoods.

Several rivers burst their banks near the southwestern city of Mocoa in the early hours of Saturday, sending water, mud and debris crashing down streets and into houses as people slept.


  • john700

    Terrible? If it happened in the areas where coca is grown, maybe many lives would be saved. Ironic, isn’t it?

  • Gary

    Many parents will search for their child and hope they are still alive . This is why I never believed that story by the parents of Jon Benet Ramsey . When I read the statement by the Step Father it didn’t make sense , he said that he went to the basement for something and saw Jon Benet on the floor…..he ran upstairs to call 9-1-1 that his daughter was dead and in the basement .

    say what ?????
    There could only be a few people that knew she was dead and not drugged up then returned.
    Jon Benet that saw her death happen, the killer who did it , or those that conspired to kill her and knew she was dead before being returned to the basement.

    I watched a video news report for a mud slide , the helicopter had a film crew and flew over the mess…..a women held up her mud covered lifeless child with tear in her eye wanting them to make him un-dead.
    No caring parent would see their child lifeless in the backyard and call 9-1-1 to report they were dead. The father’s own statement and 9-1-1 call made it clear he saw Jon and ran up stairs…….he did NOT check her body for a heart beat. Trust me , during the Life Guard days we pulled a body out of the lake and still treated them as alive to do CPR if they were under the water up to 5 minutes.