Farmer Jessica, 42, is accused of racism after one of her animals kicked to death

A family visited the Angel farm in Ösarp outside Lahholm last weekend began hitting and kicking animals on the farm. They shall also have spit in the farm’s owner, 42-year-old Jessica Wendel, in the face. One of the animals died in the violence, writes Expressen.

  • Millie_Woods

    Immigrant kicks swedish chicken to death.

    There’s an analogy if I ever heard one.

  • “Immigrants,” the new euphemism for atavistic, islamo-fascist, supersessionist, cultural carpet-baggers.

    • Oracle9

      “Immigrants”, especially uninvited alien invaders, are the new exalted ones, against whom one must not criticize.

      • Here’s a great quote from Tom Holland’s article about Herodotus in Saturday’s Wall Street Journal.He says that Plutarch called Heroditus …, “a philobarbaros: a lover of barbarians. The word is a rough approximation in ancient Greek for “unpatriotic member of the liberal elite.”

  • Dana Garcia

    A “nasty” immigrant family must have been a mistake by Google Translate — how judgmental of diverse persons!

  • UCSPanther

    I would love to see a family of “immigrants” try this kind of animal cruelty with a Texan Rancher.

    They would regret it big time.

  • jayme

    OT (except that it’s Sweden) but this too funny. Three female police officers from Feminist Sweden try to arrest a single male perp. Hilarity ensues.

  • lgeubank

    That’s the “refugee” situation in a nutshell. A “nasty immigrant family” come into your home, your farm, and start killing your animals and hitting you.

    “The boy had a stick in his hand and suddenly started beating Goat Lucas. . . Then he hit the mini pig Jorgen and the rooster Elvis. . . The mother started screaming at me. I did not understand what she was saying because she did not scream in Swedish. Then she spat in my face.”

    Yes, we need to provide aid and succor to these poor, downtrodden blood-thirsty medieval heathens.

  • LairdKintyre

    These immigrants are the first to call us old stock, racist or elitist and any of the accompanying traits. But no-one is more arrogant condescending or evil than these immigrants. My wife’s boss who immigrated as a child in the 1980s recently berated and fired an employee from India, a more recent immigrant and a Hindu. He berated her and said she should speak English better, even though he is not much better himself. Had he been white and said that to her he would’ve been fired. So whose the racist?

    • LairdKintyre

      No-one is more elitist than migrants who have been in Canada for a couple decades. They especially lord themselves over the more recent immigrants . Just look at iqra Khalid.

  • Shame she didn’t own a backhoe.