Extremist books openly sold two miles from Westminster killer’s home

The extremist literature, which also advocates the death penalty for adulterers and promotes hatred of the gay community, were openly available in Britain’s terror capital.

Copies of Bringing Up Children in Islam, which urges parents to “keep alive in the children the spirit of Jihad” and Major Sins which advocates the murder of homosexuals were on sale in shops in the Alum Rock area of the city.

  • Millie_Woods

    If only they could shut down that gosh darn bookstore.

    Meanwhile another 2000 muslims arrived in the UK this week.

  • Gary

    Right down the street from that jew-hating mosque , which Wynne and Tory praised , in Toronto is the islam -Booth where they have books on ‘ How to beat your wife ‘ .
    Not a peep from feminists or City Council even when the qurans being handed out have a verse the sanctions killing homosexuals as favour to allah.

    With muslms at almost 3% of the population…….their threats and terrorism will only get worse until it’s all out Jihad to create caliphates for Toronto, Mississauga and Brampton/ Bramalea , Hamilton and Peterborough ( current Muslim MP has a fake Citizenship which Justin doesn’t care about) .

    Public schools are already becoming madrassa’s by-proxy and funded by Tax Dollars .