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Chelsea Clinton Introduced as ‘Alternate’ First Daughter

Many Democrats liberal activists are still grappling with the reality that President Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton — even though nearly five months have passed since the Nov. 8 election.

The American Civil Liberties Union held a Facebook Live telethon fundraiser Friday dubbed “Stand for Rights: A Benefit for the ACLU.” The event Friday was billed specifically to raise funds to challenge the president’s agenda. The star-studded event included actor Alec Baldwin, actress Amy Poehler, actor Tom Hanks, comedian Tina Fey and comedian Tracy Morgan. But it was the introduction of Chelsea Clinton that raised eyebrows.

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“Anyone who thinks Australia does not have a problem with prison radicalisation should visit SuperMax during prayer time”

“Anyone who thinks Australia does not have a problem with prison radicalisation should visit SuperMax during prayer time. They are all here. The names and faces behind a thousand headlines heralding mayhem and death. And with a handful of exceptions, the entire population of the SuperMax observes this daily ritual. They all believe the same thing: ‘There is no God but Allah and this is where He wants me.’”

“The names of prisoners are written on cards outside their cells along with the details of their sentence. Virtually all are of Middle Eastern background.”

How does Australia think this is going to work out? What are these men going to be doing when they’re released (if they are)? What about their friends and family? This is a ticking time bomb for Australia, and the world.

PM won’t clarify business ties between friend, Liberal Party

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau avoided a question today about why the Liberal Party hired his close friend Tom Pitfield to train people to use the party’s database.

CTV News reported Wednesday that the Liberals hired Pitfield’s company, Data Sciences, to help campaigns use the database, known as Liberalist — including provincial Liberal campaigns.

Speaking at an event in Brampton, Ont., Trudeau was asked how he responds to allegations of cronyism over the contract for Data Sciences. Rather than answering directly, he talked about the Liberals’ outreach in the 2015 election campaign.

CDC Scientist Confesses to Destroying Study Documents on Link Between Vaccines and Autism in Black Boys (But… Crickets)

Would you ever imagine that a sitting senior scientist at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) would confess to meeting with his CDC colleagues and literally throwing study documents in a trash can to obfuscate a link they found between vaccines and autism in African American boys? And that they then omitted key information from their published study in Pediatrics? And that he, the CDC scientist, preserved copies of the documents in a safe and hired a lawyer because he assumed their destruction was illegal? And that he provided them to a member of Congress for investigation and hearings?

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SPYING FOR CHINA: Obama State Department Employee Charged

Attorney General Jeff Sessions started draining the D.C. swamp. A veteran State Department employee with Top Secret security clearance took payments to spy on the United States for China across a five-year period, Justice Department officials noted Wednesday.

Beginning in 2011, 60-year-old Candace Marie Claiborne and a male co-conspirator allegedly requested and received numerous gifts. It doesn’t cost much to turn traitor against America these days. Bribes from Chinese intelligence agents included cash, an iPhone, a laptop, meals, international vacations, Chinese fashion school tuition, a sewing machine, a monthly stipend, and a fully-furnished apartment in exchange for information.

Spree killer Nasser Hamad makes his defense about race and religion

Hamad is making his defense about race and religion. He claims he is only being prosecuted because he is an Arab and a Muslim.

Geoffrey Oglesby is a black attorney who says he specifically asked to be part of Hamad’s defense. He showed up at Hamad’s first court appearance and acted as his stand-in lawyer. Oglesby is based out of Sandusky, Ohio, which is quite far away.

Oglesby told local media that Nasser was only being charged because he is a “minority.” He claims that if Nasser was white, then his actions would be considered self-defense. Oglesby has filed a deluge of motions, many of them racially charged. In his motions, Oglesby calls the victims a “terrorist group” and says the survivors have not been charged with crimes because they are “white Americans.” Oglesby says the survivors should be charged with hate crimes and felony murder.

Among other things, Oglesby has demanded a new judge, a new prosecutor, and that all the victim’s homes be searched for evidence of any possible criminal activity. The judge has already denied a large number of Oglesby’s motions. Oglesby’s law license was suspended in 1992. Since then, his law license has been temporarily suspended or placed on probation multiple times.

More than ONE MILLION migrants hoping to cross to Europe are ‘in the pipeline’ in Libya

Joseph Walker-Cousins, former head of the British Embassy Office in Benghazi, said refugees were massing in the war-torn country having fled conflict and poverty.

Criminal human trafficking gangs are raking in billions of pounds charging migrants large sums to be smuggled across the Mediterranean in flimsy dinghies and boats.

Mr Walker-Cousins also launched a scathing attack on the European Union naval mission to reduce the number of people making the dangerous journey and prevent deaths at sea.

#BankBlack proposes moving your money, and nudging society

“I’ve been trying to convince as many people as I can to open up accounts with black banks and invest in our own community,” Akili said, recounting the recent interaction. “I talk about this almost every time I use my card.”

This new card is part of a rescue effort for black banks that was launched with much fanfare last summer. But the campaign is going to need heroic measures if it is really going to save black financial institutions.

The aim of the movement is clear: bolster black banks – and in the process, uplift a community that has been systematically marginalized for generations.

If non-blacks did that it would be racist.

Facial Recognition Tech Could Ensnare Millions Of Innocent Americans For Crimes They Didn’t Commit

It’s often the case that new technologies arrive on the scene faster than our society and its legal code can keep up. Sometimes this can be a good thing. For instance, 3D printing allows people to print out unregulated gun parts, thus allowing gun owners to circumvent the onerous laws of our government, which has struggled to come up with new laws to restrict the technology.

When technology advances at a breakneck pace however, it can also be quite dangerous for our liberties. This is especially true in regards to privacy. If a new technology makes it easy for the government to track us, you can bet that the government is going to take its sweet time updating the legal code in a way that will protect us from surveillance.

Trudeau soft pedals terrorism, again

Is Prime Minister Justin Trudeau up for the serious task of combatting terrorism in Canada?

Judging by his response to this week’s stunning revelation of ISIS supporters working at the Montreal airport, Canadians could be forgiven for believing Trudeau is not.

When asked by a reporter if individuals expressing extremist views should be allowed to continue working at our country’s airports, Trudeau’s response was remarkable for its lack of clarity and courage.

“I think that’s part of the kind of conversations we have to have as a society,” said Trudeau.