CONTEST: Islamophobia? GET REAL!

  CONTEST: Islamophobia? GET REAL!

How M-103 is implemented will depend upon decisions made by the House of Commons Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage (CHPC) in the next six months.
Do you have your own personal story of what suppression of speech and expression will mean to you? Or of how an accusation of Islamophobia or the fear of one has silenced free speech?
Want all MPs and the Standing Committee to see it?
Want your ideas posted for all Canadians to see on the C3RF web-site?
Share your story with us and win a prize if your e-mail or video is chosen the best entry in one of four categories



  1. BEAVER: Best e-mail entry by an adult 25 years and over
  2. MOOSE: Best e-mail entry by a student age 10-25
  3. CANADA GOOSE: Best video by an adult 25 years and over
  4. OTTER: Best student videoContest Details:
    1. Open to any Canadian resident or landed immigrant over age 15, including ex-pats temporarily abroad
    2. You agree that your e-mail or video may be edited by C3RF, and any submission containing hate speech will be refused
    3. You agree that C3RF will number each entry and send it to every MP in Canada
    4. Submit entry with your name, age, address and postal code, and (for purposes of pre-notification of potential edits by C3RF) phone number
    5. A video entry must be no longer than 7 minutes
    6. An e-mail entry must be 600 words or less. Original content please; any footnotes, references, source or permission notices are to appear outside of text.
    7. Deadline June 15, 2017. Submission should have “Islamophobia? GET REAL! In the Subject Line, followed by the Category
    8. No more than three entries per person.

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Entries should be sent to Debbie Rose <> before the deadline date.
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  • I would postulate that the repression of free speech in Canada is so bad that you don’t even have to exercise that right to be persecuted for it. In other words even if you withhold your opinion on a given subject and keep your mouth shut you can still be persecuted for it — many people in the “progressive” camp (and some conservatives) actually believe they can read minds. It’s already gone beyond free speech repression — it’s thought Policing.

  • truepeers

    No “hate speech”, eh? The fact they appoint themselves as arbiters of that suggests the contest is a dud. Can we or we cannot point out that the mere existence in our neighborhoods of people who follow a religion that curses us in its daily prayers (i.e. The first verse of Koran, as interpreted by the hadith – where Mohammed says it refers to Jews and Christians, as does most Islamic commentary) and throughout its texts and practises, puts the existential chill in our bones? Obviously the greatest Islamophobe in the country is Trudeau who would never try to shut up the legions of Christian and Jew haters. Justin’s problem is he cannot make up his mind whether he is a thug or a dhimmi, though he can be both if he only bullies to one side…