Chechen Authorities Arresting and Killing Gay Men, Russian Paper Says

On Saturday, a leading Russian opposition newspaper confirmed a story already circulating among human rights activists: The Chechen authorities were arresting and killing gay men.

While abuses by security services in the region, where Russia fought a two-decade war against Islamic insurgents, have long been a stain on President Vladimir V. Putin’s human rights record, gay people had not previously been targeted on a wide scale.

  • LairdKintyre

    You would think things like this would be the main fighting cause for the LGBTQAT+(hope that inclusive enough to any Leftists reading this especially from an old priveledged straight white bigot like me). But you will never hear a word a out this from that community. And if anyone right of Left even mentions it they get called a bigot

  • Gary

    There are 56 islamic states that use the same quran that calls for killing gays. But we still see gays marching in the streets to support illegals and more muslim refugees that are homophobes.
    Their hatred for Trump and the West is now a suicide-pact with islam.

  • TruthSerum

    I recall when former Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, stated Iran had no homosexuals. Of course not – if they are found – they are murdered.

    • LairdKintyre

      Ahmadinejad. He was quite the warped piece of work. I hear he even started an alternate program to the killing of gays. He gave them forced sex changes so their sexual pref matches the norm for their new sex. That guy was demented to say the least. Again, why am I more concerned about his crimes against LGBT people than they themselves should be? Oh right because I’m a bigot.

  • Alain

    So? Why should I care when homosexual radicals in the West like the Western feminists don’t care? They are more concerned about persecuting people who disagree with their agenda but do not call for killing them.