Canadians fed up with being asylum-seekers’ patsies

As a reluctant spring eventually kicks out the last vestiges of winter, the number of asylum seekers entering Canada illegally from the United States will ramp up considerably.

Only a fool—or the Trudeau Liberals who thus far appear to lack any plan—would think otherwise.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Never misunderestimate a Liberal’s vacuity.

  • Gary

    Note how the muslim taxi drivers are getting rich by aiding in helping their islamist buddies invade Canada. Don’t be shocked if Liberals use any opposition to this Hijrah invasion as islamophobia which will be to support M-103 and prove that we need a Law to jail the bigots and racists that attack muslms .

    • Watchman

      Any attempt to reduce the flow of asylum seekers across the border will be derided as an attack on the businesses of the local taxi drivers in the area.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Bear traps would discourage them.

  • Blind Druid

    The only deterrent to this is to send them back to the U.S. Then let the world media know that we always send them back to the U.S.
    If we do not do this, we are fucked.
    They have discovered our weak spot, and it’s gonna get ugly.