20 murdered at Sufi Islam shrine in Pakistan

  1. The motive is unclear, but one senior local police officer said the suspect appeared to be mentally unstable, or that the killings could be related to rivalry for control of the shrine.
  2. Police said it was customary for food to be distributed at the shrine during the first week of Rajab, a scared [sic] month of the Islamic calendar which began at the end of March.
  • marty_p

    Of course the perpetrator was mentally unstable – he was a Mo.

  • PaulW

    “Motive unclear”, “mentally unstable” – that sounds familiar for some reason. It’s interesting that even purely islamic countries are recognizing the benefits of applying the progressive or PC narrative (at least when they talk to Western media).

  • ismiselemeas

    Mentally unstable = islam, control of the shrine = islam, Pakistan = islam, sacred month killings = islam, therefore it was Amish terrorists who perpetrated this outrageous attack on the musselmen.